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10-9-2019 11:18:51  #1

Just give the lazy dog some slack...

...quips the brown fox
And other alternative pangrams.

Somebody commented earlier this week that the poor brown fox has been jumping over the lazy dog for over 100 years and maybe they both need a break?

With too much spare time on my hands, whilst on holiday, this set me thinking about alternative pangrams, that might be more specific to typewriters. There are alternative pangrams available on the Internet, many about '...vexed dwarves', but these are not about typing or typewriters and are possibly discriminatory to certain sections of the community...

Some examples:
My lazy typing just vexed the quick brown fox (37)
Amazing jobs have fixed typewriter quickly (37)

And one for the forum:

Amazed how quick Typewriter Talk fixes given job (41)

If you want to have a go at this inane challenge, the site has a useful tool for constructing pangrams...!

Ian J
Somewhere in Crete


10-9-2019 14:04:08  #2

Re: Just give the lazy dog some slack...

As often as not, whenever I find a typed out test sentence with a typewriter I've bought it's not the lazy dog version, but "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party." It's not a pangram, but it was certainly taught in typing classes and many seem to remember this as a test sentence to use.

"Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs," is one I've seen a few times, and is perhaps a more relevant thing to test a machine with.

Of note, I don't think that the quality control technicians at typewriter factories ever used lazy dogs. They would type a full keyboard in both upper and lower case (this is what I do when I'm testing a machine I'm thinking of buying). And for a true test of alignment, they would type the following line:

"Amaranath sasesusos Oronoco initiation secedes Uruguay Philadelphia"

I would use it too, but I can never recall the entire thing when I'm trying out a typewriter.


Stay Safe! 

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