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16-4-2014 07:02:55  #1

typecasting, not so great for search engines?

I have let my typewriting blog.. kind of.. well no kind of.. just plain die out. I wish to revive it again by doing some more typecasting.

It hit me in that typecasting does nothing to help you get on the search engines does it? the fact that you scan your typewritten page and put it up on your blog it sees it as a photograph, not as actaul text, correct?

So then, the question is, does the love of the typewritten page more important than how I rank with the search engines, correct?

Brian S
"Life in itself is simple, we choose the complexities in how we live it", me

16-4-2014 08:37:10  #2

Re: typecasting, not so great for search engines?

Unless you often write about subjects that are reasonably uncommon you're not necessarily missing much by not having all your content searchable by a search engine. If I were you, I'd focus more in interacting with other bloggers, manually leaving your footprint in places where people interested about thing you blog about are likely to find them.

Of course you should still take care of the basic search engine optimization, and make sure you use tags to categorize your posts.

There's also programs that are supposed to be able to transform scanned documents into editable text, although I have never had success with them nor do I anymore even try. Still, it's something you could look into, as you have the chance to try different scanning settings.

And please post a link to your blog when it's back up!


16-4-2014 09:55:16  #3

Re: typecasting, not so great for search engines?

good point.. I could even typecast my responses.. that would be different.

now.. another question.. Its been almost a year since I did any typecasting.. and quite frankly I didn't really write about anything much.. mostly just random ramblings..about nothing really... would it be better to just start posting.. or delete everything and start all over and then of course keep posting more regularly?  I'm leaning on the later.

Brian S
"Life in itself is simple, we choose the complexities in how we live it", me
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16-4-2014 11:55:28  #4

Re: typecasting, not so great for search engines?

Brian, I've got two blogs on the go and one typewriter website that I'm currently putting together and keywords are your best bet for being found by search engines. Typecast images will not turn up in a search, so as tatte mentioned, tags are a common way to make them searchable. Post the image of your typed prose, and then under it include a few keywords that best desribe the content of the typecast. Something else that will help with searches is carefully naming the photo that you're posting. A filename using keywords will help make the typecast more visible.

I wouldn't delete the previous content of your blog. However, if it really has nothing to do with what you're about to post and you want to keep the two seperate, I would start a new blog for the typecast material and leave the old one intact. You might find the urge to continue with it someday in the future and regret having deleted it.

Most important, post a link to your blog here! We'll all be eager to have a look.

Stay Safe! 

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