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21-9-2019 17:20:39  #1

Has anyone bought a typewriter from

I recently learned that Goodwill auctions stuff online. I was thinking of getting a typewriter or two but don't know what their service or shipping is like. It would suck to buy one and have it shipped poorly and it be damaged.
Anyone shop at before?

Here's a link:

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22-9-2019 07:58:56  #2

Re: Has anyone bought a typewriter from

Goodwill went out of business a number of years ago in Canada, there was a lot of corruption in its senior ranks, and before that I only relied on what I came across in a store because I prefer to check on the condition of a machine. Not that it mattered, I don't think they even offered shipping back then.

I recall a few members here mentioning that they shop Goodwill in the United States, so it is done. Shopgoodwill: Scam? Or Not?

Stay Safe! 

22-9-2019 10:00:21  #3

Re: Has anyone bought a typewriter from

Well it certainly is NOT a scam of any kind. I too would be concerned about the condition because Goodwill employees certainly aren't going to be good judges of typewriters, but since most of them sell for a few dollars how much do you have to lose?


22-9-2019 20:37:03  #4

Re: Has anyone bought a typewriter from

I have purchased two standard typewriters (Remington KMC and Royal KMG) as well as a Remington portable from, and each of them were well packed and arrived just fine.  I will say, though, that prior to shipping the standard-size machines, I wrote to them with some pointers on packing/securing the carriage, typebars, etc.  Also, each of the machines I purchased was here in the West (CA, WA, ID), and I am in CA, so they didn't have too long of a distance to travel.  I would be hesitant to order one from the East Coast and expect to arrive safely here, unless it was a portable within a case.  I think perhaps they are informing themselves how to pack properly (one would hope).  At any given time there are anywhere from 7-8 pages of machines for sale on their site.  They even get some rarities in from time to time (Bar-Lock, Mercedes, Oliver, etc.).  One could say I've been lucky.  Your results may vary.

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22-9-2019 22:11:59  #5

Re: Has anyone bought a typewriter from

Greetings All

Although I haven't bought anything from, I have bought from Seattle Goodwill via eBay. Anything that I have bought has always arrived very well packed, and their shipping rates almost always beat other seller's rates hands down. That being said, I might sign up to their online auction house and give them a try. Their shipping rates appear to be inline with Seattle Goodwill ($20.00 to $40.00) as opposed to some sellers who quote up to $100.00 for a small portable to my pick-up point in the US.  All the best,



26-10-2019 15:54:02  #6

Re: Has anyone bought a typewriter from


I did get a few.   It took a moment to see how to minimize shipping costs (as that is usually a big part of the price),
Half were in worse shape than first realized, but I did get an Underwood portable that I can have fixed. The case is a mess, but I can put together something.

If you don't mind getting something you've really wanted but is a fixer-upper, you can have the self-satisfaction of giving something  classic new life.  

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24-6-2020 09:11:59  #7

Re: Has anyone bought a typewriter from

Good place to get really cheap "parts machines".  One I got was externally trashed with panels dented/bent and I think damage from being dropped.

I took off all the small parts I thought my "matching" machine would eventually take, placed those in a sealed cardboard box and labelled the box and stashed it in the garage.  The rest went into my metal recycle bin.


10-8-2020 16:02:27  #8

Re: Has anyone bought a typewriter from

I have purchased several (probably 20) typewriters from I have always sent them packing instructions right after I paid. I also sent a picture of the actual typewriter that I bought with areas circled that need extra packing (type basket, platen knobs, etc...). I have had one that came with the bottom and top of the case completely destroyed (Remington Streamliner) which they refunded my complete purchase price on including shipping. I just recently found a case for it and am happy to report that it will be back in service. The bottom case on these is integral to the typewriter. Another one had a broken platen knob which they gave me an agreed upon partial refund for. In my experience they do a very good job overall packing typewriters. Their shipping costs are usually way lower than ebay (not all locations so factor that in). Do your research and ask questions. They will answer you. I have also asks for more/detailed pictures on several of the typewriters and they have complied. I like dealing with them better than shopping on ebay. It seems like ebay sellers have a listed shipping price that is fairly high and then they poor boy it on the actual shipping to try and make more money off of the sale. After my last damaged typewriter on ebay I'm pretty much done. YMMV


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07-9-2020 19:15:06  #9

Re: Has anyone bought a typewriter from

Just last week I "won" this Goodwill auction out of the SF-CA-USA location.

It is a very slightly used 1965 Olympia SF ultra-portable.  All it needed was a light cleaning and oiling and a new ribbon. 

I added some peel & stick small felt pads under the upper & lower metal "stops" on both sides of the space-bar carrier and it is now very quiet.  I also added some felt sheeting along the interior surface of the removable bottom panel and that quieted down the machine too.

Hammered down for $ 130 which I was very happy to pay and some very inexpensive shipping.

It took a more than a week to get to my home, but the packaging and protection wrapping they did for the machine/case were top-notch.  Much better than some of the regular resellers on-line.

I have won 2 vintage sewing machines from Goodwill as well in the past year and both were very positive experiences as well.


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