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27-11-2019 15:57:51  #1

How to remove platen from small Royal Caravan?

Does anyone here know how to remove the platen from a 1970s Royal Caravan made in Holland, the small plastic-bodied one with the snap-on cover? If so, will you please teach me? I can't get the right knob off; the left one just unscrews. Thanks!


27-11-2019 17:06:32  #2

Re: How to remove platen from small Royal Caravan?

Hi M.

If the Dutch built Royal Caravan is of the same Genus as the Dutch built Eldorado, there are 2 screws in the outer diameter of the very right hand end of the platen. Loosen these screws and the platen knob slides out with its stub shaft. If this is not the case for the Caravan, hopefully another forum member will know. All the best,



28-11-2019 04:18:57  #3

Re: How to remove platen from small Royal Caravan?

If your Royal Caravan is the model I think it is, it will be identical to the Adler Tippa (Google for images to be certain).  If it is an Adler Tippa in disguise, both platen knobs simply unscrew. Maybe the right one is simply stuck.


28-11-2019 11:36:00  #4

Re: How to remove platen from small Royal Caravan?

Thank you, Sky. I think the Eldorado is the metal-bodied Royalite and in any event, it's a different genus. There are no screws in the end of the platen and only one setscrew in the platen end shaft, at right angle to the shaft, that bears against the knob shaft and it's missing on mine anyway.

Thank you, Typewriterman. This is really funny. The whole time I have been working with this Caravan  there has been an Adler Tippa S sitting right next to it and I did not notice the resemblance. They are not entirely identical but basically so. Many parts from the ribbon cover on down are interchangeable, including the left platen knobs. It remains to be seen about the right platen knobs because the Caravan's is really stuck tight. At least now I can have confidence that it will eventually unscrew (The Tippa's is right hand thread.). I have tried a strap wrench fashioned from a pliers holding a strip of emery paper around the platen (which works fine) and the problem now is to find a way to grip the knob without damage or even marks.

All of this is just to get a mailing label out of the paper tray in order to have a working typewriter.

An interesting note about how Typewriter Talk has grown: In 2013 I asked this exact same question and got no response whatsoever. Now six years later, I get two quick answers and both are germane and useful. Thank you, Uwe, for putting this together and Thank You, Typewriter Talkers. (I guess this is one more thing to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day.)

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28-11-2019 17:23:04  #5

Re: How to remove platen from small Royal Caravan?

SOLUTION: @thetypewriterman: That got it. The platen on the plastic-bodied Royal Caravans and Adler Tippa Ss can be removed simply by unscrewing both platen knobs---right-hand thread---and wiggling the platen up and to the right. Nothing falls out. The paper tray is loose in there, located by a center pin that is a little fiddly to get back in its hole. Release the line space detent and reverse the procedure to get the platen back in. My big problem was the very tight knob, finally overcome with an emery-paper-and-pliers strap wrench on the rubber and a grippy jar lid opener on the knob and more force than I thought advisable. Thanks!

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