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28-11-2019 09:17:02  #1

Olympia SG3 Made in W. Germany (minor problems?)

Hello for everyone

I have recently got a free Olympia SG-3 typewriter from the 70-s (from Wilhelmshaven, Germany) in a near mint condition with YU (Yugoslavian) keyboard layout.
Generally, the typewriter works nicely but it has two minor problems:
1. The stop margin on the right side wont work properly ---> when I reach the end of the paper (end of the right side margin) the bell rings, the machine after stops to prevent printing, but that stop is not so secure... if I hit a key a bit harder, the platen will move further wich is not good. Mechanically, everything is in place, but I think that I need to adjust something...
2. Is there any rule how to properly adjust the plastic "card holder" thing? The "T" needs to be below or between the letters? The whole axle of the plastic thing is moving a little bit left and right, so it is not so stable.

Thank you

Here are the links for the images:


28-11-2019 10:12:16  #2

Re: Olympia SG3 Made in W. Germany (minor problems?)

Hi ArpiYugoslavia,

Concerning question 2, I don't know if there is a rule (I would like to know if there is one) but my SG 3 has the T centered below each character.

Kind regards, Lau


28-11-2019 10:17:58  #3

Re: Olympia SG3 Made in W. Germany (minor problems?)

Thank You Lau! It is logical to be centered below each character, however I am not sure. The metal axle of the plastic holder is not fixed properly, so it can move 1-2 mm to left and right (I dont know why)?

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