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23-4-2014 11:08:44  #1

Facit Privat

Yesterday I acquired a new camera, so I'm of course eager to use it, even though I don't truly know yet how to properly do so. Let's call this a practice run.

I present to you, a really dirty Facit Privat!

The platen has been abused quite a bit. It actually looks a bit like corduroy at this point?

It would actually have made sense to take a picture where the Z would have been visible, but at least this portrays the scandic letters. Inky!

I'd love to believe that someone hasn't tried to rip off the Facit Sweden -plate, but I fear that'd just be self-delusion.

This is not just a picture of a spring and random holes of the bottom of the machine. This is a picture of the sole spring that needs to be deattached in the removal of carriage. (Would be more meaningful picture in a maintenance related topic (that'll probably happen too.))

Underneath the carriage. A person attempting to remove the carriage would unscrew the two outer screws, and then do the same on the other side. Screw in the middle adjusts the carriage.

Oh look, there's our spring from the earlier picture!

Mysterious half of a metal plate that seems to be part of the machine, but was missing from the other side. Also, the serial number. Unfortunately without the I don't have a clue what the serial could tell us.

Now I only wish I had my collection with me, but no. For the time being they're in another city and I don't even know when I'll be visiting them. (Otherwise I would have picked something else to photograph.)

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23-4-2014 16:04:39  #2

Re: Facit Privat

Nice machine, so I'm glad this is the one you used for pictures. I'm a Facit fan and think they have one of the smoothest carriages ever produced. Of course the fact that Facit didn't use the standard carriage rail system with ball retainers had a lot to do with it. It wasn't the only oddity that was signature Facit; that perforated base cover is another one and it looks like they used them for a number of different models.

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