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05-12-2019 10:50:41  #1

Smith Corona Clipper Touch Selector Adjustment

Hi, I'm working on cleaning up and repairing a SC.  I'm not sure if the Touch Selector is adjusted correctly.  It doesn't seem to me like the spring is really doing a whole lot, but I don't know what it's suppose to look like under operation.

Does it look like it's working properly in the video?  Thanks for your help.



05-12-2019 14:35:02  #2

Re: Smith Corona Clipper Touch Selector Adjustment

Hi K.

From what I understand, it's not so much what the spring appears to be doing, rather how much resistance you feel when you press the keys. Just looked at my 1952 Clipper and this is what I observed. Set the touch control to L and gently press any letter key. You should feel the key press easily until the type bar is about 1½" from the platen, at which point you'll feel a little more resistance as the ribbon vibrator and escapement mechanism is being activated. Repeat this about half a dozen times so you get the feel of the key. Now set the selector to H and press the same key the same way, you should feel more resistance in the last third of the key stroke. If you do, the touch selector is working. Hope this helps,



06-12-2019 11:05:07  #3

Re: Smith Corona Clipper Touch Selector Adjustment

Thanks @skywatcher.  I'll follow your instructions today.

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