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02-1-2020 19:09:02  #1

1952 Underwood SS, Fracture

Greetings fellow typewriter enthusiasts!
It has been a good while since I posted anything here.

The motive of this post is to ask for any advise in regards a fracture, or crack, that I have found in my typewriter (sadly it had a rough travel home). It is located in the chassis, where the sublevers are anchored. Although the machine has some serious cosmetic issues, it works, and quite well actually (I feel so happy with my little restoration project)

My biggest concern is the rust and the structural integrity. I was thinking in fixing this with a epoxic glue specialized for metals, or with melted tin (or both). However, I don't know how long would be it's life expectancy after the repair, or if the rust would start corroding the fractured part from inside.

Any advice, suggestion or experience about this kind of issues would be most appreciated.

Also, I was wondering if it is possible to remove the outer frame, and remove the entirely of the inner mechanisms, this could be useful for a paint job (a propper one in case of any concerns, with sanding, primer, paint and clear coating).

Thanks in advance!



28-1-2020 09:24:42  #2

Re: 1952 Underwood SS, Fracture

The pictures you posted are no longer visible so I can't see how much rust you are talking about, or exactly where it is. I think a proper epoxy will work fine, and be durable, but I think you will need to remove all the rust from the fracture in order to make sure the fracture is properly bonded.


14-2-2020 13:52:23  #3

Re: 1952 Underwood SS, Fracture
I wonder if the pictures will work now.
There is not much rust at the moment. However, considering it is a somewhat deep fisure, my worries are for the future.
Would a chemical rust remover be enough to clear present any rust there? Then I would epoxi.

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14-2-2020 19:19:57  #4

Re: 1952 Underwood SS, Fracture

You don't have much to lose, except time.
I believe the longer cure time epoxy you select, the stronger it is.  In other words, 5 minute epoxy is not as strong as 1 hour epoxy.


15-2-2020 21:11:56  #5

Re: 1952 Underwood SS, Fracture

That something I will take in consideration, thanks. I will look for a long time epoxy, and specialized in metal if possible.

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17-2-2020 01:25:30  #6

Re: 1952 Underwood SS, Fracture

Hi Argio

I just came across a Youtube advert for a product called Bondic. Take a look and see what you think. All the best,



17-2-2020 15:08:32  #7

Re: 1952 Underwood SS, Fracture

J-B Kwikweld is another product to look for -- two-part epoxy that works on metal. I figure it should be available in Alberta. You may want to take your machine to a hardware store and ask their opinion on the best product to use and best way to prep the cracks and apply the product. Good luck with this!


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