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10-2-2020 18:05:27  #11

Re: Hermes 3000 or Olympia SM3?

rdnzl wrote:

My house is already full of antique radios, so I need to pick typewriters that I intend on keeping. I have space for maybe a dozen. 

rdnzl collecting level Emperor!

It is a good number a dozen. Maybe post a new topic on a 12 typewriter choice. That would be interesting too.

Between this two, in a top 12, I would take the best example of any of them when it comes available.


10-2-2020 18:12:27  #12

Re: Hermes 3000 or Olympia SM3?

I now have a serviced, minty SM3 on the way.  I will post pics after I get it.


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12-2-2020 17:12:33  #13

Re: Hermes 3000 or Olympia SM3?

I got lucky on an auction, and have a round body 3000 that didn't break the bank on the way.


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12-2-2020 20:05:18  #14

Re: Hermes 3000 or Olympia SM3?

Well, now you have both, 10 more to go.


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