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21-1-2021 20:12:28  #21

Re: My "New" Ambassador. What a wonderful beast.

I'd suggest posting your question in the Maintenance & Repairs sub-forum.


22-1-2021 05:41:51  #22

Re: My "New" Ambassador. What a wonderful beast.

Uwe wrote:

I think that the majority of the Hermes portables I own are equipped with Setag slugs, but I've noted others that are equipped with Caracteres, Iris, Ransmayer & Rodrian, and Tangensbut slugs too.

Can you please expand on this comment. Being relatively new to typewriters, this is the first that I've seen mention of these names. Are Setag, Caracteres and the like type slug foundries?


22-1-2021 18:18:46  #23

Re: My "New" Ambassador. What a wonderful beast.

Yes, you're correct: those are (were) type foundries. When you examine a typewriter's slugs you might find maker's marks on them that indicate the company that manufactured them. Some manufacturers produced their own slugs in-house, and in some cases you might find a machine with aftermarket slugs purchased from a foundry.


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