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21-3-2020 19:09:40  #1

WTB: Spanish keyboard typewriter

If I can get it for cheap, as in probably rough condition, I would be interested in buying a Spanish language typewriter. Even if parts are missing or its in horrible rusty condition I will consider


21-3-2020 23:52:08  #2

Re: WTB: Spanish keyboard typewriter

Hi Cuentos

Seattle Goodwill occasionally has Spanish keyboard typewriters on their eBay site, so it might be worth your while stopping into their store every now and then just to see what's on the shelves. Goodwill Industries also has an online auction site that can be searched by category (typewriter), presently there are 151 typewriters listed on their site. Haven't checked for Spanish Keyed units.

If all else fails, I do have what I believe to be a Spanish keyed Consul 231 travel typewriter out in the shop, so I'll check on that tomorrow. Generally Spanish keyed typewriters aren't big sellers on eBay, but keep your eyes open and you just never know what might pop up from time to time. Hope this gives you some ideas,


We humans go through many computers in our lives, but in their lives, typewriters go through many of us.
In that way, they’re like violins, like ancestral swords. So I use mine with honor and treat them with respect.
I try to leave them in better condition than I met them. I am not their first user, nor will I be their last.
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22-3-2020 00:42:23  #3

Re: WTB: Spanish keyboard typewriter

Thanks. I think the consul is newer than my taste. I've been looking for about two years, checking eBay and elsewhere, I do see them come up now and then but nice, working ones, for too much money, or crap ones, that the seller thinks is worth piles. The value of something is really what you sell or buy for, so really who am I to know what exorbinate is. I've seen a number of Hermes machines, Baby etc, for $200+. That's rather encouraging, they maybe made a lot of Spanish Hermes Babys. I would LOVE one of those... that green color is,great.Which reminds me, I would like an Oliver at some point, but not now. Unless it has a spanish keyboard..  anyway whatever it is I want cheap and probably not working. I would rather do that and rebuild. Simple is better, I'm,a hapless novice about typewriters, but I'm learning... I haven't been on goodwill's website, I didn't know it existed until now. I live about 175 miles away, right in the middle of the state, in Ephrata, I've bought every typewriter that exists in this town, where I got my Rem. Noiseless 10, the awesomest typewriter ever, well, maybe not quite as awesome as my Fox 3 I just recently bought, in ephrata, which I am completely and utterly over the moon about.

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22-3-2020 22:37:50  #4

Re: WTB: Spanish keyboard typewriter

Search, patience, search, search, find, cold blood, say no, patience, search, search, search, find, buy. Typewriters were done by billions. Eventually you will find a spanish typewriter in Ephrata you will probably find a mint one, for 15 dollars, and it will be a Hermes 3000 cursive. It happens. I happens to me at least.  
My advice for a novice (from another novice), don´t buy overpriced machines unless you are rich, don´t buy rusty typewriters unless you know(or you are willing to learn) how to restore them, and don´t buy typewriters with missing parts, unless you have a source of parts. But hey, you can make your own mistakes and then learn different things too ;) just telling you what I have learned. 


13-4-2021 13:31:25  #5

Re: WTB: Spanish keyboard typewriter

I have access to an 80s el dorado from Japan. Functional and cleaned up. See pics here



28-4-2021 17:06:52  #6

Re: WTB: Spanish keyboard typewriter

Goodwill has a Spanish keyboard Olympia up right now: 
Phil Forrest


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