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13-4-2020 15:54:31  #1

Royal Electric - carriage and tabs

Howdy, all.

I have a mid fifties (the motor is stamped Feb '57 but that may or may not be original). Serial number of the machine is REE-13-6295507. It came from Virginia, and I'm guessing that it spent most of its life there because the uppercase V and A were solidly caked in old ribbon.

It arrived here fitting the description "broken" that was given in the eBay listing. The motor spun up without hesitation and ground the speed selector belt teeth. The carriage was absolutely jammed up solid and the thing smelled like old tobacco. Fair enough, not too bad then.

I cleaned it up, lubricated it with light oil and got everything more or less working again. One problem is the carriage. The parts listing shows items 1782 (Bottom rail ball pinion) and A-1790 (Bottom rail ball1/4"), but not how many are fitted to the carriage. Mine has one, on the left hand side. I would expect it to have 2, perhaps 3 balls for the carriage to roll on? It does appear to be common to The No.10, KHM, KHT, KMM, KMG, HH, FP, RP and RE Electric models. I need to see if anyone would have a good suggestion to source the pinion in particular- the ball bearings would be useful too but those are at least a fairly commodious item.

The other thing that I'm not sure if it's fully related to the carriage getting all out of line is the tabulation- hitting the tab key makes the carriage attempt to move to the next tab stop that's been set but more often than not it moves about a half inch and gets hung up. If I help it along it'll stop at the tab.

I'm thinking I need to address item number one (carriage bearings) before expecting it to move correctly...




04-5-2020 14:25:07  #2

Re: Royal Electric - carriage and tabs

Today, I received a bag of stainless steel quarter-inch ball bearings. I rolled the carriage as far to the left as it'll go and pushed a ball bearings between the carriage and the rail.

The carriage now stays put along its length, which is good. The type is a lot more even.

However, if I wedge the escapement release I can bounce the carriage with two fingers like a ball on an elastic string, the carriage moves freely.
BUT if I set a couple of tabs then the carriage gets hung up going to the next tab point. It's slow, and something inside is causing it to get hung up. If I help it along a little it'll hunt and stop at the tab stop.
The carriage return spring is fully wound and the escapement normally makes a nice positive movement to the next character position.

Does anyone have an exploded diagram or a service manual for one of these?



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