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04-5-2020 22:57:30  #1

Reloading thermal cartridges

Has anyone ever reloaded thermal cartridges from a different manufacturer? The reason why I ask is I have a Panasonic thermal typewriter with three settings (multi strike single strike and correctable). It is a thermal typewriter yet it allows you to have different ribbon types. The cartridges are about as hard to find as an honest politician. If correctable ribbon was found from a readily available supply, it could be put to use in the rare used cartridge.


29-12-2021 15:53:45  #2

Re: Reloading thermal cartridges

I've never thought to measure the tape to see if different brands use the same size. It would be nice if there was a standard. I do know that the size of the cassettes varies WILDLY. So I'm guessing there is no standard.

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