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06-5-2020 18:09:08  #1

Mint green Olympia SM9

I have owned a number of Olympia typewriters, but this is the first SM9 I have come across in this color. I know the Colortip-S came in mint green. This one has the universal keyboard.

I wonder if this particular color was only used on the universal, or foreign keyboard models(?)

I am not sure if I will sell this one since I have a vintage typewriter stand in the same color. The combo looks quite nice![/img[/img


07-5-2020 02:34:44  #2

Re: Mint green Olympia SM9

Hm, the green shift keys and platen knobs are part of another color scheme.
Maybe repainted? Or a SM9 with Colortip-S parts?


07-5-2020 11:12:25  #3

Re: Mint green Olympia SM9

I agree with Lau. It definitely looks like it was repainted.

The ColorTip colours were more subtle and I don't recall any of them looking like this. Also, the grey paint on the base section of the case shows signs of wear while the top section and carriage trim paint looks new. There are a lot of people out there repainting typewriters, and a number of unscrupulous ones (I know a couple) who try to sell these faux finishes as original in order to increase the selling price.

The colour on its own is nice, but on this model I think it's the wrong hue for the key and platen knob accents.

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07-5-2020 11:49:32  #4

Re: Mint green Olympia SM9

Thank you for your input, Laurenz and Uwe. You are possibly correct regarding it being a repaint. The funny thing is I bought it from an elderly couple that said they are the original owners and bought it new in Germany in 1967. The paint job is quite good -- like a factory job. Strange. If I list it for sale, I will mention that it may be repainted.

Speaking of repainting, I painted the body of the Smith Corona shown below to match the keys. 

When my sister purchased a red Royal Quiet Deluxe for my collection, it was a repaint and I had to send it back to the seller. I am aware that the color code is part of the serial number, but my sister did not know that. The seller apologized for trying to pull a fast one, and I purchased a replacement as shown in the photo.

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