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13-5-2020 19:30:58  #1

Olympia SM9 touch adjuster...the spring fell out, how does it go back?

I have an Olympia SM 9 De Luxe, circa 1966. Black keys.

Turned it upside down while trying to repair something else, and caused a new problem. The touch adjuster below the carriage lock on the left side of the keyboard has stopped working. When I pull the lever forward to increase tension, it won't latch, and returns to the lowest tension setting. 

Opened it up to look, and found a tiny spring on the bottom of typerwriter. It must have fallen out of that area. There are loose parts in there, but I have no idea how it does back in place. Tried for a good two hours last night before giving up. Tried to find pictures to use as reference, nothing I googled up was clear enough.

Can anyone help out by sending me a picture of their SM9s, under the hood on the left hand side of the keyboard where the touch control mechanism is? I think I could try to figure it out if I had a picture. Or, if you've dealt with this issue and have advice on how it goes back together, that'd be excellent.



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