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18-5-2020 23:05:18  #1

Typewriter blogs?

Hey again.

I hope everyone is well and adjusting to quarantine life at the moment.
Any fans of typecasting here?
If so, what site do you use? Blogger, Blogspot, WordPress, Weebly, Wix, Tumblr, etc.
If you don't typecast, do you follow any typecasting blogs? Where?
I am in search of a free service that reaches a wider audience.
Currently I use Blogger, but do not have much of a readership. Link in my signature.
I'm more than willing to relocate based on recommendations.
TIA!   My blog:  
            Photo gallery:

19-5-2020 12:35:45  #2

Re: Typewriter blogs?

The first step would probably be to define the content you want to post because some applications work better than others depending on what you're trying to achieve.

I've used Blogger, and gave it up. There wasn't anything wrong with it, but when it comes to the constantly shifting sands of social media it was no longer the flavour of the month.

I still use Tumblr and think it's fantastic, however it's more of a photo based application than one for posting lengthy articles.

I mainly use WordPress. You will get the most control/options when using WordPress, but it requires that you pay for internet hosting (not something most bloggers want to invest in). There's also a steep learning curve - and the software can be fraught with big headaches. WordPress is a favorite target for wannabe hackers, so be prepared to fight 'brute force' attacks on your website. 

In short, I use my own website for the bulk of my posting activity and a few app-based social media platforms for more specific posts. The biggest issue is the transient nature of internet users; a super-popular app one day can become a stale fish the next.

Odds are the people you're trying to reach are members of the ADD-addled generation, and you'll probably have to be prepared to jump from one platform to the next in order to stay with them. Conversely, you could just carpet bomb the social media spectrum and maintain an omnipresence.

I'm not familiar with the other apps you listed, but was glad to see FB wasn't mentioned. I refuse to use FB for ethical reasons. Given all of the absolutely nasty things the company has been guilty of since its inception, I'm completely at a loss to explain why anyone would use their 'service' (this includes its subsidiary companies such as Instagram) .

Stay Safe! 

21-5-2020 15:38:12  #3

Re: Typewriter blogs?

I second Uwe's opinion about Facebook, and I'm wary of social media in general. Companies like Facebook and Twitter have shown long that they are not good gatekeepers for information, and in the days of the pandemic this shows once more. Social media hypes come and go, and I do not think it is worth the effort to run after whatever is current at the moment. Better rely on the web's core foundations: individual websites. In addition to this, you can always give links to new blog posts on whatever social media platform is current at any given moment.

The web is decentral by its technical infrastructure and I thus think the best option still is to run your own blog on your own website, possibly with Wordpress as Uwe suggested. It will require to spend some money, but hosting is rather cheap this days. As for the visibility: there are other ways than social media. The foundation for decentral publication in my opinion are news feeds (RSS/Atom); it's one of the best inventions the web ever came up with. Read my plea to save this format or look up in Wikipedia what a news aggregator is. In short: websites publish a specifically formatted page that describes the latest articles on a website, and a programme called a news aggregator can periodically poll it and present the user with new articles found. Users will typically have large lists of websites to poll with their aggregator (personally I follow more than 100 feeds). I've subscribed to your feed already, Amelia -- you might not even be aware your hosting services generates one. Feed aggregators are available for all platforms for free; most notably, the e-mail programme Thunderbird includes a feed aggregator.

If feeds give us the possibility to be alerted of new articles, we need still an opportunity to discover content. The web has links for this. If you comment another blogpost with your blogpost, give a link; and likewise, if enough people link to your posts, your visibility increases. In addition to this simple linking, it is possible to create a website that effectivelly polls people's web feeds and presents all the posts intermixed. This is called a "planet" or "blogroll". For instance, I am a vivid user of an editor programme called Emacs (highly recommended); many people blog about how to use this infamous piece of software, and there's a website called Planet Emacslife that collects blogposts from many different websites. Such planets are a great way to draw together a community blogging on a topic. It would be nice if someone could set up such a planet for the typosphere.

I blog myself (in German) on my own infrastructure and can explain how I do it if there is interest, but the setup is pretty technical. I've not blogged much about typewriters, though... I have an unfinished post about repainting my SG1 in my drafts folder. Maybe I should finish it.


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