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03-6-2020 21:40:28  #1

Olympia Traveller de Luxe - PROBLEM

I was writing on my OTdL tonight when I noticed the last couple of times I pressed the carriage return I was getting some unusual resistance. I thought it must not be good. I changed my posture and kept working--sometimes it's a matter of just holding the thing the right way. But after those couple of times of functioning resistance, the carriage stopped advancing when I typed a letter or pressed the spacebar or did anything. It still moves when I pull the little lever on the right that frees it up, but otherwise no motion it all. 

I'm hoping this is something simple, though I fear it isn't--I live in Kansas City, and the only local repair shops I know of charge more than the cost of the machine itself, which has been wonderful to use. 

Any help you can all offer I'll appreciate very much.


04-6-2020 10:00:52  #2

Re: Olympia Traveller de Luxe - PROBLEM

Hello Robert,
Just to make sure: I assume the carriage lock is not engaged?
If not, and there is no visual obstruction, there are two things that come to my mind:

1) The spring motor and drawband. Is it all in place, is there tension on the drawband?
If you move the carriage (with help of the carriage release lever) you should see the drawband wind up nicely on the spring motor.

2) The escapement. Sometimes parts inside the escapement break. There is also a spring inside that sometimes give problems. The escapement can be reached by removing the bottom plate. See the image below, it gives an impression how it looks and should move.




04-6-2020 10:46:45  #3

Re: Olympia Traveller de Luxe - PROBLEM

Watching the escapement GIF is mesmerizing. I think I stared at it for at least a minute.
Regarding the problem, I was thinking drawband or spring as well.
If the carriage is pulled left when the carriage release is pressed, then your drawband and spring are still good.
If not, then something is binding the drawband or the spring, or one of those is broken. There could also be something binding the carriage itself.

Phil Forrest


04-6-2020 13:50:52  #4

Re: Olympia Traveller de Luxe - PROBLEM


That worked! Thank you so much. I never thought anything could be so simple. It was the paperclip-looking thing; it came loose and I just had to move it slightly.

Thank you so much!!!


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04-6-2020 13:57:17  #5

Re: Olympia Traveller de Luxe - PROBLEM

Great, I am happy it worked out.


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