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17-6-2020 16:11:58  #1

Lettera 22 body busings?

I've searched this forum high and low, every thread that mentions the Lettera 22 and I can't find mention of a replacement or a DIY solution to the body bushings in this model. These are the ones that attach the shell to the chassis. There are 4 of them, about 10mm across and 5mm thick. I can't find sny solution to replacing these anywhere. Does anyone know of a replacement or a DIY solution?
Thanks all!
Phil Forrest


18-6-2020 02:51:56  #2

Re: Lettera 22 body busings?

Rotting case grommets are a common occurrence on this model.  So much so that (as a professional typewriter engineer) I have had a batch specially made.  I'm not here to advertise, but you can find them under 'Supplies' on my website  if no-one comes up with a more local solution  


18-6-2020 18:37:51  #3

Re: Lettera 22 body busings?

I have changed them as well, not a professional by any means, but I would say they were slightly thinner, probably between 3 and 4 mm, not a big deal, easy, cheap and made with the finest material: got to a hardware store  ;)  and find rubber gaskets for plumbing that are around that size.  


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