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23-6-2020 04:37:22  #1

Typewriter archeology

Hello all,

I have a 1929 Royal P with flattened feed rollers, see the picture below. I suppose they are flattened because the typewriter was not used for a long time. Does anybody know how much time it takes for feedrollers/rubber to flatten? I would like to get a rought idea when the machine was used for the last time.




23-6-2020 09:05:35  #2

Re: Typewriter archeology

It's an interesting concept, determining the final use of a typewriter based on the degradation of a specific component.

I don't have an answer, but I would think that the length of time could vary greatly depending on a number of different variables such as the typewriter's storage environment and the composition of the rubber. It's very possible that those are not the original rollers and the quality of the rubber used in the replacements could be a variable in this equation.

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24-6-2020 02:38:55  #3

Re: Typewriter archeology

There are indeed a lot of variables and uncertencies. I am hoping someone can provide us with some basics about the aging/flattening of rubber, so we can made an estimated guess. The minimum time for flattening will be very helpful for instance.

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