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23-7-2020 19:26:41  #1

The Remington-Rand Noiseless Model 7 is just about noiseless!

Just took possession of yet another Goodwill typewriter, this one a portable 1948 Remington-Rand Noiseless Model 7. After a cleaning, and adjusting the spacebar linkage to the escapment, this machine is really pretty quiet! I'm really impressed with the Noiseless and the touch is nice. It's Roman Elite with beautiful looking numerals.
I had my girlfriend listen to it and she said it was way more subdued in sound than my other machines. She hasn't really heard the Royal KMG type much, and I think that one is pretty quiet. Of course, last week, I was cleaning my SF then typed a page and thought it was really loud and 'tinny'. Turns out that I was experiencing how loud it really is because I was wearing my hearing aids after not wearing them for a bit...

Phil Forrest


24-7-2020 08:36:20  #2

Re: The Remington-Rand Noiseless Model 7 is just about noiseless!

Congrats on the new acquisition.

Keep in mind that the condition of your platen can have a pronounced effect on how loud a typewriter is; an SF with a rock-hard platen next to one with fresh rubber will sound louder - or at the very least more irritating. Years ago I tested a number of different silent/quiet/noiseless models against their regular counterparts and found the sound levels to be closer than expected. The tone of a machine makes a big difference though, and the lower frequency thudding of a Noiseless versus a higher pitch tapping of a regular portable is definitely easier to deal with.

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24-7-2020 15:00:16  #3

Re: The Remington-Rand Noiseless Model 7 is just about noiseless!

Yes, I want all of my platens redone. One of my Smith-Coronas has a good platen and so does my Royal KMG. The rest are a little hard. I think a Skyriter platen has turned to 1095 steel, tempered to Rockwell 60ish.
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30-7-2020 23:57:23  #4

Re: The Remington-Rand Noiseless Model 7 is just about noiseless!

The rubber on the platen really makes all the difference, so does the dampening Foam or Felt applied on the inside of many typewriters, especially portables. Putting your machines on a thick Felt ped dampens the noise even further. I once had the opportunity to try out an Overhauled Continental Silenta, and that was by far the most silent machine I have ever seen, that the platens of that one was not even re-done. Quite amazing mechanism on these Silentas.

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