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11-8-2020 02:19:18  #1

Remington Noiseless Portable - Carriage moves intermittently

Hi! I'm new to antique typewriters but I just bought a late model Remington Noiseless Portable (serial #N93924) which seems quite clean. The trouble I'm having is when I type, the carriage usually doesn't move to the next space (sometimes it does and it doesn't matter which key - it seems totally random). Yet it moves much more reliably when using the shift lock (all caps). The space bar works fine as does the backspace. I did a first wave of cleaning without taking anything a part and the draw band broke. I installed a new draw band (thanks to a youtube vid from Phoenix Typewriters!), but the typing/carriage non-movement persists. I was hoping someone here might have an idea of what is wrong. Thanks so much!


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