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23-5-2014 22:02:53  #1

Corona Portable Typerwriter #3

Hello does anyone know how much a pretty much never used 1920s Corona #3 typerwriter goes for? Ive had it for years and was wondering what it is worth


24-5-2014 00:16:14  #2

Re: Corona Portable Typerwriter #3

Hi and welcome.
Would be good to post a picture or two, and a picture of a typing sample; prices vary so much according to many factors, such as where you live.


25-5-2014 12:41:45  #3

Re: Corona Portable Typerwriter #3

ok. Live in the U.S.

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25-5-2014 12:42:45  #4

Re: Corona Portable Typerwriter #3

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25-5-2014 19:34:45  #5

Re: Corona Portable Typerwriter #3

Folders like that easily fetch between $100 and $150 when sold to uninformed (non-collector) buyers. Your machine looks to be in fairly good condition, so if you're looking to sell it I would ask at least $150 for it.  


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