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08-10-2020 15:28:14  #1

FS: Imperial Good Companion Model 7

I'm based in central London and have a mint iridescent blue Imperial Good Companion 7. 

The typing action is very smooth and I can see that it has very little wear and tear - this is a machine that has not been appreciated! 

The only two imperfections to be aware of is a cosmetic and very shallow (you wouldn't see it unless you were looking) scratch at the back, edging into the "made in" decal. Also, there is some mineral residue on a few keys - it was severe when I first got it, but I have removed all I can without damaging the keyboard itself. 

You can see the listing on Etsy here:

If you are willing to collect it, I can lower the price - it stands at £130 (not including shipping) currently, but this might change. 


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