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03-6-2014 19:47:55  #1

Royal 10 ribbon issue

Hello All,

When typing, only one ribbon spool is rotating, and the ribbon all collects on the other side. I thought it was an issue only with the right ribbon spool not rotating, but when I used the ribbon reverse it shifted the problem to the other side. Does anyone know why both of my spools won't rotate simultaneously? Seems like something I should be able to figure out, but I'm turning to you guys.

Much appreciated,



03-6-2014 19:53:50  #2

Re: Royal 10 ribbon issue

Maybe I'm not understanding your question, but if only one spool is turning the ribbon wouldn't be moving and you would very quickly type a hole through it. Does the machine have two of the correct spools for a Royal of that vintage? They use a specific spool (which I've sometimes seen incorrectly installed, as in they were upside down). If you're not sure a photo would do the trick.

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03-6-2014 20:06:54  #3

Re: Royal 10 ribbon issue

I don't think the issue is the robbons themselves. They worked fine when I first got the machine. I have since removed the ribbon to see the mechanism below while typing, and one side is rotating while the other isn't. This is happening when there are no spools on the gears.

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03-6-2014 20:11:17  #4

Re: Royal 10 ribbon issue

Only one side is geared when you type. In other words the spool taking up the ribbons turns and pulls the ribbon off the other spool that just free wheels. Without any ribbon in place there is nothing to turn the freewheeling spool post.

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03-6-2014 20:21:26  #5

Re: Royal 10 ribbon issue

Your explanation of the mechanics gave me the idea to switch the spools, and now it's working. I must have swapped them from their original position at some point, and then when I started typing again I noticed the problem. Anyway, It's fixed now -- thanks for helping me through this issue.

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03-6-2014 20:45:49  #6

Re: Royal 10 ribbon issue

No problem. Nice machine by the way, a Model 10 has been on my shopping list for a while now. They turn up fairly often in my area but I keep missing out.

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04-6-2014 08:13:06  #7

Re: Royal 10 ribbon issue

I'm fairly sure what Uwe says is correct. When you type, one spool-winder is connected to a gear, which rotates as you type, to wind the ribbon. There are two gears. One for each spool. Switching the ribbon-reverser enages, and disengages, one, or other of these gears, depending on which side it's turned to. The side with the disengaged gear turns freely, so that it won't jam up the ribbon when it's being wound across the typewriter. 

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04-6-2014 11:27:31  #8

Re: Royal 10 ribbon issue

I glad to see this got solved so quickly. The question has come up a lot recently, especially with first-time buyers on so I thought I'd post my reply here, too, where it might become a reference answer.

So, one of the spools sorta pushes the ribbon towards the printing point and the other does not take it up? If so, the spools are in upside down. You'll see, if you flip them over, that then the ribbon will come off the spools in the opposite direction so that, where it used to push, now it pulls.

Now, you can't just flip the spools over; you'll have to remove them, unthread the ribbon from the positioner in the middle (called the "vibrator"), exchange the right and left spools, and reinstall. Note that then the ribbon will come off the spools opposite the direction it did at first and there will be no twist in the ribbon. Be sure the ribbon is threaded correctly not just at the vibrator but also at any guides, posts, or brackets that it should go around near the spool mount areas.

When you're done, the spools will still turn the same direction they did before, but now one will pull the ribbon off the other. When it pulls to the end of the ribbon, it should automatically reverse and pull the ribbon back the other way; if it doesn't, there's a different problem and you can write again. They don't really "work together"; one pulls and the other just rides along.

Have Fun!

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