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18-1-2021 13:55:15  #11

Re: Olivetti-Underwood 21

Guth wrote:

M. Höhne wrote:

Guth, maybe, but where's your "local"? These things were never evenly distributed. If you want an Olivetti, be glad you live wherever you do; there are precious few Olivettis in northern New England, compared with Royal, Smith-Corona, and Olympia, and even Underwood and Remington.

I'm located in Portland, Oregon. That's an interesting observation as I've never contemplated the possibility that some brands would sell better in just certain parts of the country. That said, aside from the 21's that appear around here regularly, I don't see that many other Olivetti models for sale in this neck of the woods with the possible exception of the Studio 44. By comparison, I've almost never seen a Lettera 22 or 32 for sale locally. Do keep in mind that I've really only been paying close attention to the typewriter market around here for the last half year or so so my sample size is definitely on the small side.
.... snip ....

It's not just a matter of selling well---you need a dealer who carries the brand, to make it available in the area. And the dealer has to be a bit aggressive, too, compared to his competitors. Now, we don't know (yet) but it might easily be that the Portland Olivetti dealer liked 21s and pushed them and maybe no dealer in my area carried Olivetti at all. It's not enough to say that 21s were so popular without knowing what options the buyers had available. (I used to sell cameras and pushed a certain Ricoh point-n-shoot because the factory gave me a 10-buck spiff for every one I sold. I don't feel bad about this because it was as good a camera as anything else in its class, but my colleagues and I definitely biased the the numbers for this model.)

It always bothered me back when The Typewriter Database used to have a listing of "The Most Popular Typewriter Models" because I seemed to me that popularity wasn't the measure of which models showed up in the database---availability was. People weren't buying this or that model because they preferred it---they bought it because it was available. The listing should have been called The Most Common Typewriter Models.

Just offering a historical perspective on today's circumstances....


01-5-2021 14:18:34  #12

Re: Olivetti-Underwood 21

Hi Sky (William).

A similar discussion about crossed links occurred in the FaceBook Group for Antique Tpewriters.

A member there found reference to a British Paten No. 10.302 from May 17,1901 for this exact fix to jamming adjacent key-levers that were used frequently.

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