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04-1-2021 19:43:30  #1

WTB: Underwood Model 3 or 5

It has come to my interest the acquisition of an Underwood typewriter, particularly a model 3 o 5, models which are not necessarily common at my location. I am hesitant to take the well-known risks for buying online in not specialised places (overpricing and bad packaging), therefore the reason of this post/buying order. 

I can accept machines in general suboptimal conditions as a restoration project, for which I have guidelines I will detail next.

- Dirt and gunk: Accepted, even if this has halted to some extend the functionality of the machine. 

- Rust: Acceptable as long it does not compromise the structural integrity of any part or has turned the machine into an immobile block of rust. 

- Paint and chrome/nickel: Irrelevant; a well conserved paint is appreciated, but I can accept an exemplar that has scuffs, lost it's decals, parts of the paint, etc.

- Bendings and dents: Acceptable as long they are not extended, critical or compromise the intended functionality of the machine.

- Cracks, fissures, and fractures: These are unacceptable in the frame or any other critical part, otherwise, some small cracks might be accepted.

- Draw band: Irrelevant, however, the retainers, or hooks, of it would be appreciated. But a damaged drawband, or even missing, is also accepted. The mainspring, however, must be functional.

- Escapement mechanism: Complete; exemplars with an escapement that has broken gears or missing parts will not be accepted. Exemplars with not working escapements due dirt or gunk, as long their integrity remains intact, can be accepted. 

- Carriage Width: Nothing larger than 14 inches (120 characters). 

- Scales condition: Irrelevant; intact, missing, damaged, any is accepted, as long the frames that hold them are not missing or critically damaged. 

- Platen and rollers condition: Functional; hardening and cracks are accepted as long they do not compromise the intended functionality of the machine. 

- Feet: At least one screw remaining, which I would use as reference to obtain any required replacement. 

- Keyboard layout: Any that makes use of the latin alphabet is welcome. 

Machines with small metallic parts that are broken or missing, like the bichrome selector, margin stops, levers, key tops, etc. will not be accepted. In my experience finding a replacement for these parts can be quite daunting, specially if the model in question is old and rare in a particular region. Being the spacebar and the carriage frame pointer the only exceptions; machines with a spacebar or a pointer that is damaged or missing can be accepted. 

Loose or separated parts and pieces, however, are accepted as long they do not present any important damage. For example, a carriage group separated from the rest of the machine or a typebar that came out and has not been reattached; as long they are included in the package, and do not present any serious damage, the machine will be accepted. 

Most important, I am looking for a reasonable price and safe packaging/shipping to Los Angeles, California (a friend of mine would receive there, and then safely transport it to my location; "normal" international shipping in my region is an obscenely overpriced mess.)

Message me your preferred terms for the trade, thank you all on advance. 


19-1-2021 08:47:21  #2

Re: WTB: Underwood Model 3 or 5

(Soft) NLR
I m still interested in acquiring a Underwood 5, or 3, but is no longer an "immediate" interest; as a different project caught my attention and budget. I still would like to see offers, if any.

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31-1-2021 17:44:59  #3

Re: WTB: Underwood Model 3 or 5

As the guardian of a mint working, and regularily used, 1909 Underwood No. 3 Standard 12" typewriter. While I am not interested in selling, I would like to caution you that it is a very heavy item, and shipping even from Canada to the US is prohibitively expensive, not to mention these machines unless crated and handled with extreme caution, are very fragile and easily damaged. Parts and repairs are not easy and many parts are simply no longer available, more so as many donor machines likely have the same issues, or robbed of their keys for jewelery and scrapped. Not to mention the high cost of  insurance required in the likely event it arrives damaged. I'd highly recomend keeping your search when you decide what to do, local. If I were to sell mine, I would never, ever consider shipping it unless it were prepaid by the buyer, and all the risks of loss or damage would be theirs .  I'm like most on here, fond of my old machine, and would never risk it being damaged in such a transaction. Having survived so long, it would be a major indescretion, and irresponsible on my part. 


20-7-2021 16:20:33  #4

Re: WTB: Underwood Model 3 or 5

I've got two No. 5s--one in much cleaner condition than the other. One is dirty with some rust, the other is much better cosmetically and nearly functional  but for a sluggish carriage--likely impeded by gunk, grease, and dust. This second one also has visible original painted flourishes; but it is also missing a small chunk of the frame where upper left of the margin ruler screws into the base. 

I live in Las Vegas. I also got other machines I'm trying to sell. 


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