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30-11-2017 17:45:15  #1551

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Uwe wrote:

MancFrank wrote:

Looks like Modern Congress Elite (No. 98) to me.

​The type slug face is marked with the installed typeface number.

Thanks, Uwe, but I'm not at home for a few days & cannot confirm - hence the non - committal 'looks like'. It was an opportunistic purchase which I barely managed to get home before setting off!


02-12-2017 16:38:25  #1552

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Fleetwing wrote:

Two lovely Remingtons here. I think you'll find they're great typers too.

Thanks! I just got the new ribbon for my Streamliner today, and it's heaven to type with. I honestly never expected to be able to get such speed up, and without risking spraining anything! It just needs a new platen and rollers, and it'll be be perfection.  


06-12-2017 10:10:56  #1553

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Got this yesterday.  (Not in the best shape but I'm spoiled by one of my Olympia SM3 typewriters.)  Anyone have a replacement for the broken piece in the second photo?


08-12-2017 14:26:52  #1554

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Absolutely, positively the last acquisition before Christmas - Olympia SG1 of indeterminate year (by which, I mean I haven't looked - I have the mother of all toothaches & can't see beyond the pressing need for codeine, ibuprofen & a bottle of brandy).

Apart from fifty years of grime, it looks tip - top & is fully working. Will post decent pics of everything I've bagged in 2017 over the coming fortnight (in the galleries, of course) but this is all I can muster for now.

Right, where did I stash the drugs?...

SG1 by Frank Judge, on Flickr[/img]


11-12-2017 12:03:12  #1555

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

I replaced the broken part on my SCM Galaxie Deluxe.  Thanks for the part Adam!


11-12-2017 14:23:21  #1556

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Well done, Frank -- would love out of curiosity's sake to see that dealer/repairer sticker on the front of the machine. What did you pay, if you don't mind my asking? Hope you feel better shortly.

As for me, I ventured about 40 miles up the interstate highway to pick up an SMC Secretarial 76 (also referred to, by them anyway, as a Space-O-Matic 76). This is, according to the Davis brothers' website, the last of the long line of Smith-Corona standards, and mine dates as best I can tell from 1968.I bought it from the son of the owners, who bought it new and used it in their business. Seems to work fine. The bell went <thuk> so I removed the back (easily done) and loosened the fastening nut to let it resonate more. I know that's probably not the best solution, but getting at the bell clapper is very difficult without further disassembly. Motion (vertical alignment of the upper case and lower case) needed adjusting; very easily accessible underneath the machine, like all the Smith-Coronas, it seems. Needs cleaning, but the slugs are fine. And it came with the original cover! (A little tattered but intact.)


11-12-2017 19:17:21  #1557

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Sounds like a sweet score, FW - I have never seen a Secretarial 76 in the UK & nor do I expect to, but from what I've seen on the Davis Brothers' site, it would certainly fit with my modernist aesthetic. 

My SG1 cost the princely sum of £21.50 (just under $30) - along with a 200 mile round trip on company fuel & time (they owed me a favour!). As with many Ebay 'collection only' auctions, the bidding was less than frenzied, starting at £18.

My agonies (and induced laziness) have prevented me from spending any time with the machine since collection, but here's a (mildly enhanced) pic from the original listing:
SG1 Closeup by Frank Judge, on Flickr

I hope I feel better soon, too - but the reality is that I've gotten away with not seeing a dentist for thirty four years, and now have my first real problem, which will certainly require extraction of the offending molar. Not much worries me in this world, but when it comes to dentists and dentistry, I'd honestly rather spend a day locked in a cage with a hungry tiger... *shudders*



12-12-2017 13:10:49  #1558

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Frank, I suppose "B'Ham" is Birmingham, yes? Is that where you picked it up, or had the machine migrated from there? I wonder whether Harrison & Fowler is still in business.

As for the dentist, well, not to scold, but I hope you will get into the habit of going regularly henceforth. A half hour's discomfort twice a year beats dealing with much worse down the line.


14-12-2017 08:08:26  #1559

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

Yes, B'Ham would be Birmingham. It had migrated to Bromsgrove, about fifteen miles south west of the city - well within the supplier's original catchment area, I suppose. Alas, Harrison & Fowler are no more, with records suggesting their demise was some time in the eighties.

My toothache (and associated abscess) has now largely cleared, although the cause (structural damage) remains. I'm sure a dentist would find much to do in my mouth, but they won't (in likelihood) get the chance this side of Christmas. The current plan (such as it is) is to undergo one, long course of remediation, in the hope that this will suffice for another thirty four years, or until I croak - whichever comes first (probably the latter!). 


14-12-2017 09:43:25  #1560

Re: Recent Acquisitions Thread

LOL -- well, mind the figgy pudding etc. in the meantime.

One of these days I'll want to get to Birmingham -- I follow Aston Villa (alas).


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