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12-6-2014 17:21:45  #1

I'm an accidental first time manual typewriter owner. Help!

Hey everybody!

Here's the situation: Not too long ago, a friend of mine gave me an Olympia sm9 as a gift.  I'm a writer and for a long time I'd been bitching and moaning about how unsatisfied I was using a computer for my creative output.  [I was born in 1986--to a person of my generation, a computer isn't a functional piece of machinery, it is as valuable/valid/dangerous a source of passive entertainment as a television.]

So: I was hoping you guys would have some words of wisdom for me about the proper maintenence of what I've read is a fairly top of the line machine. 

And don't be afraid of offending me by assuming I'm ignorant.  Let me assure you that I am truly and profoundly ignorant. 

For example: when I reach the end of the ribbon, am I supposed to be able to switch it so it starts feeding the ribbon from right to left instead of left to right?  The times I've run out of ribbon so far I've just had to manually manipulate it so the ribbon is all on the left again.

Let me reiterate: help!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


12-6-2014 18:10:37  #2

Re: I'm an accidental first time manual typewriter owner. Help!

Hello and welcome.

Thr ribbon should certainly reverse automaticaslly on this machine.  It usually does this by putting pressure on the ribbon guide near the empty spool and moving it a little to a new position. 

If it's not doing this, the ribbon may not be fed through the guide properly, so the ribbon is not moving the guide slightly when it comes under tension, and so not changing the gearing underneath so that it all runs in the other direction.

At work - so just this for now.  Let us know if this cures it.

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12-6-2014 20:27:11  #3

Re: I'm an accidental first time manual typewriter owner. Help!

I am pretty sure I have the ribbon fed correctly.  (I checked a couple youtube videos featuring closeups of Olympias in action to confirm this, but as I said, this is a dunce you're dealing with here).

As I near the end of the ribbon, it does not do anything to indicate it has an intention of reversing itself.  In fact, if I let it, it will pull the little metal ring at the end of the ribbon towards, and eventually into the ribbon guide.

Thank you very much though for letting me know that its supposed to reverse itself automatically!

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12-6-2014 20:30:12  #4

Re: I'm an accidental first time manual typewriter owner. Help!

Sounds odd - maybe put up a picture of the area - someone may spot what's wrong.


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