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14-6-2014 20:17:27  #1

Need alittle help

I got a 1936 Woodstock typewriter and I removed some parts to clean and such. I took apart the tab stop set key, line lock release key and the space bar. I put the tab stop release back in and everything but the other two keys I need some help with. Anyone on there know of like a guide or maybe even pictures of the underside of the same brand typewriter and year?  I'm pretty sure it's a Woodstock No.5.


15-6-2014 02:35:14  #2

Re: Need alittle help

Hi, there's a service manual here which includes information on Woodstocks though I am not sure if it will be the same as yours. Useful to have in any case for future acquisitions!


15-6-2014 02:55:23  #3

Re: Need alittle help

Thanks! I also have to adjust the keys. I noticed some of the keys (in their resting positon) dip down more and some are like they are supposed to be.

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