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21-4-2021 12:46:59  #1

Old electric typewritter that that has spell check without a screen?


I'm new here.
Just wanted to introduce myself and ask a quick question.
I'm looking to start writing a book.
However, I don't want to use a present day computer, or Microsoft Office software.
I recently bought a Royal Signet 10 Electric typewriter. It's almost exactly what I'm looking for. However, it has no capability to save files to a flash drive, or any format. Is there something old present day I could use as a solution to this problem? I would like something with the same capabilities as the Royal Signet electric typewriter, but with a way to save files of the work, if that's even possible, without a computer screen.

Other than that, I guess the only other way, would be to type, save the pages in sequential order and scan them to a computer.

Any suggestions?



21-4-2021 15:09:50  #2

Re: Old electric typewritter that that has spell check without a screen?

If you don't mind pretending you aren't using a computer screen there are programs like Q10 for windows and Focuswriter for Linux that do as good a job of that as possible. I don't know if the former still works on newer versions of windoze, it hasn't been updated in many years.

I wouldn't want to trust old word processor type machines myself, but others may know of some viable options in that area.


21-4-2021 15:49:14  #3

Re: Old electric typewritter that that has spell check without a screen?

I wouldn't want to try what you're asking with any of the electronic typewriters that I used back in the early '90s - particularly not for a large writing project.

For novel writing I have a streamlined process that involves typing solely on a manual typewriter, and then batch scanning those pages using OCR software to create digital backups. It's a simple procedure, and it's quick, once you've worked out a routine.

I still use the typed paper sheets for editing - so no need for Word, or to print them out, and then I re-type those pages until a final draft has been achieved.

Along with a scanner, I'd strongly recommend using a program such as Scrivener to manage your digital pages and to easily organize your book from cover to index - or just cover-to-cover if you're writing a fiction.

25-4-2021 15:04:57  #4

Re: Old electric typewritter that that has spell check without a screen?

For your purposes I would simply look into a decent keyboard for writing on your computer first, perhaps in combination with one of those writing programs mentioned above.

A good typing keyboard will make a massive difference when writing for prolonged periods of time. The IBM Wheelwriter used a buckling spring keyboard, same as the IBM Model M computer keyboard. If you are after the same "feel" as one of those electronic typewriters, thats were I would start. They can easily be found on eBay. You may need an active PS2 to USB converter to use it however, depending on if your computer still has a PS2 port or not.  

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