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03-5-2021 08:37:16  #1

Underwood 310

I see a photo of one of these for sale near me.  The Internet tells me that this model which is apparently the same/similar to the Olivetti Dora or the Lettera 31 does not have a tabulator key.  For any of you who possess one, is this true?  And is the platen easy to remove?


03-5-2021 09:44:49  #2

Re: Underwood 310

Here is one for sale in the UK (or was in the past).

No Tab key and no manual Tab bar and stops running along the back of the machine.


03-5-2021 09:48:48  #3

Re: Underwood 310

Good article, here :

Looks like the Underwood 315 did have the typical red Tab key and Tab functions.


03-5-2021 11:09:43  #4

Re: Underwood 310

Thanks Pete, I had found those articles.  Seems odd that a writer would not have a Tab key.

Anybody know about the platens?

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03-5-2021 14:07:03  #5

Re: Underwood 310

I can see the ultra-flat portables not having Tab functions.

But you could even order the middle to large portables without the Tab's.  Seemed to save a consumer $ 29-50 or so retail.

Olympia SM8 and SM9 body style machines called "Monica" cam without any Tabs.

Same with the Hermes Media 3 which was a bare-bones, striped down Hermes 3000.


03-5-2021 23:41:45  #6

Re: Underwood 310

Hi Brozzy

Here's a step-by-step, I can add pictures later if it would help. As this unit is made in Europe, all fasteners are metric.

1. Loosen the two Allen screw holding the right platen knob onto the shaft and slide the knob off the shaft.
2, Remove the two screws holding the right hand carriage end cover and lift the cover off.
3, You will see a metal strap holding the platen shaft into the end of the carriage. Remove the front screw, loosen the back screw and swing the strap back.
4, Grasp the platen with your right hand and loosen the left platen knob with your left hand (it's a right hand thread).
5, pull the platen very gently to the right as you unscrew the left platen knob.
6, Once the left platen knob has released from the platen, you should be able to lift the right hand end of the platen just enough to clear the carriage frame and draw the platen out to the right.

Moving the carriage all the way to the right will make lifting the platen out as this decreases interference between the card holder and the platen. Hope this helps,


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Re: Underwood 310

Thanks very much Mr. Sky.

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