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07-6-2021 10:22:45  #1

SCM Classic (1963) 5X series...problem with "q " key

This is a minor problem that I can live with but it is a puzzle to me.  I got all the keys flushed and clean. All keys work well except the q in lower case sticks.  Upper case works fine.  The q will work when tension is set on high but any setting below the high setting, the key sticks.  I looked at all the linkage...found no obstructions or anything that would interfere with its operation.   With tension set on low and if the key is stuck half way, putting the tension back to high the key releases immediately. 
I've studied this for hours and now I think I have to resign myself that I will have to type on high tension.  Any thoughts?


07-6-2021 14:30:10  #2

Re: SCM Classic (1963) 5X series...problem with "q " key

More cleaning. Does it stick in the type guide or just partway in the typebar stroke? If it sticks in the type guide then the typebar needs to be gently flexed away from the side of the guide that it is sticking on until it doesn't stick. If it sticks partway in the stroke, then it needs more cleaning.

Phil Forrest


07-6-2021 17:09:14  #3

Re: SCM Classic (1963) 5X series...problem with "q " key

I tried cleaning the escapement again as the key sticks partway up the stroke at low tension  and I hit it pretty hard with lacquer thinner and later naptha also with a lot of brushing and canned air. No change at all. Since the q key works perfectly and very free when doing caps, when the basket is down, I still think that there is some hang up elsewhere. Haven't given up yet but I'm getting close.

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08-6-2021 07:53:57  #4

Re: SCM Classic (1963) 5X series...problem with "q " key

You might take some 0000 steel wool and polish up the type-slug lever along both sides to see if that helps.


18-10-2021 09:32:42  #5

Re: SCM Classic (1963) 5X series...problem with "q " key

Hopefully the OP will read this. Set the machine vertically on its back panel, then with one hand trigger the universal bar. Then gently press and slowly release the Q key. The type bar should move under its own spring tension, against the force of gravity, back to the rest position. If not, lubricate each joint in the linkage system, one at a time, with alcohol as you redo this test each time. You should be able to locate the offending linkage. Degrease it with solvent and a mascara brush, then repeat this test once dry to ensure it’s fixed.

For this problem only happening in lower case on the lighter touch setting, the linkage rod could be rubbing against a neighboring rod (like the A rod), since the angle of the rods changes slightly between lower and upper case with a segment shift design. If so, slightly file the interfering surfaces.

I’ve also seen this problem fixed by slightly bending the type bar at the pivot point near the curved fulcrum rod. Or rather, unbending the type bar, it may already be bent enough to not pivot freely.


25-10-2021 09:36:03  #6

Re: SCM Classic (1963) 5X series...problem with "q " key

JoeV:  I actually fixed this with a slight bend in the Q linkage several weeks before your post but your advice was spot on.  The letter A skipped every so often but that got solved with the same kind of subtle bend.  Thanks for your response.

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