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01-7-2021 08:39:12  #1

Facit 1840 - Key Function Question...

Would anyone know the function of the special key to the right of the back-space key on my new Facit 1840 typewriter ?

Back-space key does not work right now and this special key seems "dead" as well.

Could it be meant to back-space but only 1/2 character width...?


01-7-2021 10:27:09  #2

Re: Facit 1840 - Key Function Question...

Yes, half-character spacing is a feature found on a number of typewriters. Some manufacturers such as Olympia had the feature built into the regular space bar instead of adding a special key (spacing instead of backspacing). The half space is predominantly used for corrections, and it allows you to insert in a missed letter by compacting the word before or after the mistake. On the 1840 it would appear that the this is linked to the backspace key and that resolving the issue with it will solve both keys' functionality.

01-7-2021 11:39:23  #3

Re: Facit 1840 - Key Function Question...

Hi Uwe, thanks for your reply. 

Once I get into the 1840 a bit more, I hope to solve these only 2 problems with the machine.

It is so quiet when powered on, I have to put my ear down to hear it.  It really types fast and the carriage motion is smooth...even without its tube-bearing carriage system like in the manual machines.

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