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03-9-2021 19:32:07  #1

Olympia Olympiette SEP - In Coming...

Got this for a "win" on SGW for $ 19 USD and a little more for S&H.

I was looking for my first made-in-Japan machine and wanted a machine with electric type-bar mechanism yet still having a manual CR lever, etc.

Reported to type well and no issued noted.  Made in the late 1970's or early 1980's.

I will post up more photos once I have it home and have a chance to clean & service it.


05-9-2021 12:53:54  #2

Re: Olympia Olympiette SEP - In Coming...

looks like a lower end report deluxe. I love my report deluxe. I used it in school to write many of my papers and exams. I actually hauled that thing to school because by handwriting was so horrid. Still is. 

Learned watchmaker and office machine enthusiast from Germany.


05-9-2021 16:07:15  #3

Re: Olympia Olympiette SEP - In Coming...

Hi Gerd,

Yes...I think you are correct.  Probably a scaled-down version of the fully-electric Report and Report Deluxe.

I wanted this Olympiette SEP because the carriage return is still manually operated, while the key-tops and type-slug levers are driven electrically.

I do not think the SEP model has any "touch control" lever either.

I look forward to having it arrive at my home next week.

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12-9-2021 17:38:49  #4

Re: Olympia Olympiette SEP - In Coming...

Got the Olympiette SEP (made in Japan) on my work bench today for a good clean and service.  Belt looks brand new with no cracks.  Motor is very, very quiet and got a good dusting out with compressed air.

It is a very enjoyable machine on which to type.  Key-tops and type-slugs hitting the platen/paper is all electric.

All carriage functions are manual.  It has a Tabulator but it has fixed factory Tab-sets every 10 characters all the way across the platen.  No clearing or setting of Tabs allowed.  I love how it still is electric and has a CR lever at the same time.  Back-space is mechanically operated but the space-bar is electric driven and it you hold down the bar, it repeats.

Bell is very melodic.  No touch-control on the machine.  Guess those up-scale features came with the Report models.

Took about 2-3 minutes to align upper and lower case print alignment.  Pair of adjustment screws/lock nuts on either side of the body once the carriage is moved to the other extreme.

The electric mechanism to shift from lower-case to upper-case is VERY energetic and almost makes the machine jump up off the desk surface.  I will spend some more time with this tomorrow to see if I can "tame down" the energetic action.

All in, I am into the machine and pristine case and dust cover for a tad over $ 40 USD which included shipping.

Very pleased with this fast and light machine.

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13-9-2021 11:27:22  #5

Re: Olympia Olympiette SEP - In Coming...

Forgot to mention...without its case, the SEP machine weighs in at 16.0 lbs.

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14-9-2021 07:09:40  #6

Re: Olympia Olympiette SEP - In Coming...

As I have learned, this Olympia Olympiette SEP typewriter was most likely made by Nakajima in Japan.

This Sears Electric I typewriter on the TWDB gallery section shows that that machine and this SEP are identical under their plastic body covers.

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