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27-10-2021 20:15:47  #1

Royal Model 10 vs. L.C. Smith & Bros. Model 5

Hello I have recently acquired a Royal Model 10 and an LC Smith model 5. Both models are fixer uppers but both will be fully functioning when I’m finished with them. I plan on keeping one as my main writing machine and possibly selling the other. I got them for about $50 apiece. My question is, which should I sell and which one should I use? Keep in mind that are both are very well used but not destroyed. I would like a comfortable reliable typewriter that I can use as my “daily driver” for decades if I so choose. Also, I was wondering, can a typewriter just be plain worn out from heavy use or do they just keep going? Because both seem to have been used industrially if you know what I mean lol. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks! 


27-10-2021 21:18:16  #2

Re: Royal Model 10 vs. L.C. Smith & Bros. Model 5

I'd keep neither as my daily user. I'd get something newer. But that's just me. The older ones are great lookers, but the newer ones (hard to call something 70 years old "newer") look good and work well.  My favorites are from 51 to the 70s, but if you like the older styles then thats what you should use. 


28-10-2021 15:41:44  #3

Re: Royal Model 10 vs. L.C. Smith & Bros. Model 5

Matt, a preferred typewriter is something deeply subjective; my advice would be to fix both of them and use them for a while. Once you've gained experience with both of those models the answer to your question will likely become obvious to you. And can a machine be worn out? Yes, but usually only when it comes to individual parts as opposed to an entire typewriter.

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