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10-11-2021 19:39:17  #1

Sge 35 X Report: Similarities & Differences

How similar / different are these two - the SGE 35 and the Report?
Is this one of these situations where they change the casing, but the machine itself is the same? I'm asking because I have an SGE 35 that's not working, and I was wondering if I could use parts from the Report, or vice versa.


11-11-2021 09:21:14  #2

Re: Sge 35 X Report: Similarities & Differences


I do not own both...(do not have the Report or Report Deluxe), so cannot really give an answer.

But I think the SGE 35 is West German-made and the Report/Report Deluxe is I would venture a guess that they are not identical machines, internally.

Maybe a Member who owns a Report or Report Deluxe can post up photos showing that machine's internals for you.


11-11-2021 11:52:54  #3

Re: Sge 35 X Report: Similarities & Differences

I do have a nice working Olympia SEP machine made-in-Japan which is 1/2 electric and 1/2 manual...but it was on its way to becoming the fully-electric Report and Report Deluxe.

My SEP is nothing like, internally, to my SGE 35, however.


11-11-2021 16:42:00  #4

Re: Sge 35 X Report: Similarities & Differences

Oh, I see. There's a lot I don't know yet. Thanks for responding.

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