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28-6-2014 00:36:23  #1

1936 Woodstock No.5

      This is my first and my only typer. I will get another. I'm working on getting an Underwood No.5. This typewriter has a beautiful typeface. This year No.5 (1936) Featured the closed in sides, rear, and front. You can remove those plates if you like. Right now I removed them for cleaning and such. I got to get rid of some rust and little grease. Used some Miguiers rubbing compound to bring up the shine on the paint.  Everything works great on it but, the ribbon feed mechanism recently stopped working on the side where the ribbon get pulled from the type area. I'm trying to figure out what's up with it. Beautiful tyer overall. Can't wait to get that Underwood I mentioned earlier. I'll post pics of it later.



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