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07-12-2021 16:07:15  #11

Re: Sears Correct-O-Ball-XL1

Hi Auggie,

1.  I have heard/read of some folks trying to pry open various plastic ribbon cassettes with the hope to be able to re-ribbon them and close the cassette back up.  Many seem to crack the plastic in the process.

2.  Other Brother type-balls (aka golf-balls) might be available on the open market.  Chances would improve if you are able to find out if Brother type-balls were compatible with type-balls of other makers...e.g. IBM, etc.

Both of these issues have kept me away from such machines (with ribbon cassettes and with gold-balls).


07-12-2021 20:54:11  #12

Re: Sears Correct-O-Ball-XL1

Hi Sky,
Wow, I think the one I just found was purchased the same year.
The original owner paid $450. for it.
I also have the re-order form and was going to search for some cassettes for it from the original store.
What does NLA mean?
Thanks for your help.

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08-12-2021 08:36:48  #13

Re: Sears Correct-O-Ball-XL1

NLA = Not Living Anymore...  LOL

Kidding aside...No Longer Available


08-12-2021 10:59:59  #14

Re: Sears Correct-O-Ball-XL1

Hi Again Auggie

My guess is these machines may be showing up a little more frequently in the next while. The people who bought these units new back in the early 1980's are now moving into seniors residence or lodges and family members are selling off their unwanted possessions. For example, eBay item # 384573290504 is a pica type element for a Brother Correct-O-Ball.

The Brother type balls and IBM type balls are not interchangeable, different size mounting pin and maybe a different tooth count around the base of the element meaning that even if you could get one to fit the other, the rotate function would not mesh properly. For other supplies, just keep your eyes open at estate sales, yard sales and on-line listings. All the best,


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