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06-12-2021 13:17:40  #1

Remington 24 Standard...KR Key-Top ?

There's a Remington 24 Standard on eBay.

I noticed it has a key-top labelled as "KR" on the upper left side.

On the right side, there is a MR (margin release) key.

Would the "KR" be a type-slug "de-tangler" key ?

Not really interesting in getting the machine.  Just curious about the key-top's function.


06-12-2021 13:19:13  #2

Re: Remington 24 Standard...KR Key-Top ?

Photo of key-top in question...

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06-12-2021 14:18:16  #3

Re: Remington 24 Standard...KR Key-Top ?

A number of Remington standards had the KR feature, which stands for "Key Restore". It's function was to repose any raised typebars (including any jammed typebars) without having to reach into the type basket and potentially get ribbon ink on your fingers.

They keyset on my Remington 24 uses different symbols as opposed to the one pictured. Instead of the KR there are two vertical bars (||), the TAB CLR is just a minus sign (-), and the TAB SET is a plus sign (+).



06-12-2021 15:01:23  #4

Re: Remington 24 Standard...KR Key-Top ?

Thanks Uwe...

I assume the 24's were all Canadian made... (???)

If this one were more local and worth a drive, I would take it for a test-run.

But this one is in PA State and the seller is not offering to ship on this one.

I have those same key-top shapes on my portable Torpedo 18s from 1964.  Thought they were a bit large on a portable and maybe would like them more on a standard machine.

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06-12-2021 15:42:19  #5

Re: Remington 24 Standard...KR Key-Top ?

The one I own was made in Canada, but I don't know if it was exclusively produced here. I think every Remington I have from that era, early '60s to early '70s, have the identical keytops - portables and standards alike.

Although I like the 24, I wouldn't classify it as a must-have; it's a local-purchase model for me, not one that I would drive any distance for, or pay to have shipped - particularly since it's a full-sized standard. My 24 was a gift from Valiant, who sometimes lurks here and shies from standard models that end up in his possession.  


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