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12-12-2021 11:34:08  #1

Erika 10 drawband

A little while back, the drawband of my Erika 10 snapped during typing. I have tried to search this forum (and googled) for advice on how to reattatch it, but without luck. The drawband itself is almost intact. It seems to have been attatched to a small metal sleeve, which it has been inserted through, and prevented from slipping back by tying it into a knot at the end. The band broke excacly at the knot, and the small metal sleeve fell on the table from somewhere at the right side of the typewriter. I don't know where it was attatched to the rest of the machine.

Can anyone provide me with a picture of the (working) drawband of an Erika 10, which can guide me on how to reattatch the band? Or maybe someone has a repair manual for the machine in question? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


13-1-2022 19:50:15  #2

Re: Erika 10 drawband

You don't need the parts themselves if you have lost them.  Just find a length of nylon cording and tie it off where it needs to be.  You'll want to secure it to one end of the carriage where the old one connected, and use a very long spring hook to draw it under the carriage to the left over the mainspring.  

Now on my machine, the end of the drawband fits through a metal collar piece that secures it to the carriage, you can tie the string around anything really to keep it in place there.  The other end should have a small knot that slips into the cutout on the  mainspring drum.  Make sure you wind the drum first.

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11-2-2022 09:43:28  #3

Re: Erika 10 drawband

Thanks for the advice. I managed to figure out where the sleeve went, and after some fiddling the problem was solved.

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