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17-2-2022 07:04:43  #11

Re: Mechanical calculators

Thank you for that. I shall experiment in due course.

On the question of collections and space, I suppose that there is an alternative in collecting to the simple amassing of machines, which is to assemble smaller ensembles of matched units. I have seen this in computer collections, where instead of 40 or 50 Macs, a person might have only one or two, but complete with all the period accessories (which might involve 10 or 12 peripherals, cards, etc.). As is obvious from the Olympia photos above, the effect is pleasing.

So the rough equivalent of the Mac collection mentioned might not only be an SG1, and an adding machine, but proper covers and copy holder, a period desk, and maybe a spirit duplicator. I think we might draw the line, however, when it comes to the linotype machine….

I did buy the Facit C1-13 calculator. By my reasoning here, I now “need” a TP-1 and T1!


18-2-2022 08:23:08  #12

Re: Mechanical calculators

And another Olympia, this time a nice companion to an electric Olympia standard. Unlike the smaller adding machine above, this one is a full calculator (four function arithmetic, like my Facit). 

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13-7-2022 15:00:54  #13

Re: Mechanical calculators

I was born in 1957. I remember lots of small stores having manual adding machines. Electric were considered high tech when they showed up. Electronic, with digital display, were mind boggling. 


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