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31-3-2022 10:47:52  #1

What Are You Typing On Today...?

What Are You Typing On Today...?

Thought this might be a fun Thread to start and have folks share what is on their desks...for the day.

Here is my 1964 German-made Triumph Perfekt.  Body panels and ribbon cover still all-metal.

I forget how good a machine this one is use.  Might have to break my 2-day rotation-rule on my desk for a couple of extra days this week.



31-3-2022 22:05:53  #2

Re: What Are You Typing On Today...?


My 1954 Smith Corona Sterling. No pictures because I am too lazy to set up even more online accounts needed to store pictures.


01-4-2022 18:33:01  #3

Re: What Are You Typing On Today...?

Machine change today for the next 2 days.

My 1957 Olympia SM3...light grey with maroon/brown key-tops and platen knobs.

This was my first typewriter (this time around) when I missed having one in our home.

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01-4-2022 20:52:26  #4

Re: What Are You Typing On Today...?

Another nice typewriter. I'm pretty much committed to the North American made machines. I guess I gotta get out more... ;)


03-4-2022 09:22:52  #5

Re: What Are You Typing On Today...?

On the road with my '41 Royal QDL (12CPI) that I acquired a few months ago. Getting to know it before I take it apart to do a deep clean. It's turning out to be in great functional shape; it just needs a bath. It's case, however, has a broken clasp and is filthy (so I'm borrowing the '47 QDL's case for travel).


03-4-2022 09:23:39  #6

Re: What Are You Typing On Today...?


I do have a few USA-made machines in my horde..but only 6 out of 37 typewriters.

4 Royals, 1 Smith Corona, and 1 Sears Tower (made by S-C).  I also stay primarily in the 1950's to mid-1970's on the most part.

I think my Olympia SM3 being the first one sort of spoiled me.

Here is my 1957 Royal QDL.  I changed the space-bar to a deep green one from a parts-buy but still have the original space-bar in the machine case. 

Eventually I would like to add deep-green platen knobs, as well.  Or maybe just re-paint my existing knobs

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03-4-2022 09:24:24  #7

Re: What Are You Typing On Today...?

That Triumph is beautiful. I like those deep keys, very inviting. 
I have this Maritsa 11 (Omega II?) out today. I haven't done a cleaning routine yet so it's too early to judge. As is common with many of these, the logo has fallen off. Beware of Bulgarian glue from the 60s.

- Be kind 

03-4-2022 09:35:32  #8

Re: What Are You Typing On Today...?

Nice! I think the QDL would look great with the green platen knobs.


05-4-2022 09:13:01  #9

Re: What Are You Typing On Today...?


I was thinking your Marista 11 had some body lines in common with the German-made Princess line.

Dug around a bit and found this article :

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05-4-2022 09:34:14  #10

Re: What Are You Typing On Today...?

Up for today is my 1964 Torpedo 18s typewriter. 

This machine was still made in West Germany at the Torpedo factory, but Remington had taken over the company, already.

Mine was made in the last few months of 1964 before Remington moved its production to Holland later that same year. 

Remington design changes already evident on my Torpedo 18s included : 

1. Plastic ribbon cover. Rest of the body-works is still all metal. 
2. Change to the Remington “coffee cup” shaped key-tops. 
3. Remington ribbon system without the traditional metal spools. 

But under the covers, there is still the quality and build of the German Torpedo line. 

It is in perfect working order and is a fast, snappy, and precise typewriter. 

(My plastic buttons on the 2 margin stops are not original, as 1 was lost so I replaced them with buttons from a Brother parts machine.)

In the next few years while being built in Holland, more and more of the Torpedo heritage was lost to the typical Remington works.

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