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01-5-2022 19:17:59  #1

A few questions about my new acquisition.

I picked this L.C. Smith up at a garage sale for 40 bucks. I don't really collect typewriters but this is my second behind my portable Smith Corona. The question I have is was of the opinion this was a military type writer because of the dark green. I had someone tell me that the dark green was military and or Government, Black was for the general public and there was a blue color that I don't remember what they said that was for. Another person said that all three colors were an option when buying. So if anyone knows what the real story is I would love to hear it. The one seems to work just fine. I don't plan on using it so I am not looking for a restore but it works and will be a great display for my desk. Thanks for any help.


01-5-2022 19:22:06  #2

Re: A few questions about my new acquisition.

Sorry I did not post the pictures of the unit.

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02-5-2022 10:53:23  #3

Re: A few questions about my new acquisition.

Definitely not a military variant (to my knowledge). For one, there are simply too many of these around. And of all the military typewriter models that I've come across none were given special paint. Some (few) had military-specific external markings and less-common typefaces, but never a pseudo camouflage colour. I have the original canvas cover for my olive-green L.C. Smith No. 8, which makes it look even more military, and yet I'm certain this was just a regular office machine.


02-5-2022 10:56:28  #4

Re: A few questions about my new acquisition.

Thanks for the info. No worries, I was hoping it was but really no big deal to me. Its still a great old machine and mine works well.

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