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27-5-2022 07:56:18  #1

Do you leave your Paper Release Lever engaged?

Question for you: When you end your day of typing, or for long term storage, do you leave your paper release lever open or closed (engaged or not engaged)? 


27-5-2022 16:53:42  #2

Re: Do you leave your Paper Release Lever engaged?

Very good question.  As a professional typewriter engineer, I really should - but I never do !  However, I do tell customers that if they want to store a typewriter for a long period (months, years), then they should tie the paper release lever back with string.  Elastic bands soon rot and break, allowing the paper release lever to re-engage on many machines.


28-5-2022 17:40:34  #3

Re: Do you leave your Paper Release Lever engaged?

I have seen it recommended. I did for a while, but then I became worried about the wear on the springs of the paper feed mechanism on some machines if they were to be left in a stretched position. If I were storing machines in long term storage, especially if it wasn't climate controlled, I would disengage the feed rollers; but I currently don't, and instead have opted to periodically turn the platens several clicks on my machines I don't regularly use to keep the platens from sitting on the same spot on the feed rollers. This is just what I do, and my fear of putting wear on the springs could be misguided, so I am not say my method is correct.


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