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21-6-2022 16:39:30  #1

Royal FPE Came Today...

This nice Royal FPE joined my hoard today.  First FP I have gotten in-hand.  Made in 1960, with Elite typeface.

Some things on my To-Do List for the FP :

1.  Deep cleaning and oiling where needed.

2.  Ribbon cover hinge on the left side is bent and needs to be re-aligned to have the cover sit flush.

3.  CR lever is slow to return after use.  If cleaning does not solve it, a new spring is in order.

4.  Carriage is slow to travel back and forth.  If cleaning does not take care of this, some more tension of the main-spring / draw-band is in order.

5.  New silk black/red ribbon to be placed on the original metal spools.

6.  Bell rings but its sound is muffled...may need some cleaning/adjustment to make it resonate more.

7.  Some minor paint chip and there.

Rubber platen, rubber feed rollers, and typewriter feet all seem to be in very good condition and a bit pliable, still. 

Test of all key-tops shows no type-levers are sticking and all return quickly.  Tab, margins, back-space, and margin-release fucntions all seem to work fine.

Ribbon vibrator works fine and ribbon reversal works.


21-6-2022 17:39:14  #2

Re: Royal FPE Came Today...

And thanks to Duane Jensen at Phoenix Typewriter Co., there is this video on how to adjust the main-spring tension on a Royal KMG machine...but it is identical to what is needed on the Royal FP series :

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21-6-2022 17:44:02  #3

Re: Royal FPE Came Today...

Nice find! When you've got it all tuned up, I'd love to know how you find it types vs other Royals (standard & portable). 


21-6-2022 18:42:20  #4

Re: Royal FPE Came Today...

Hi Rob,

This is my one-and-only Royal standard.

I spent 5 minutes or so on the FP in my garage with paper and its bit dried out ribbon.

Key-top feel and action is most like that on my two Royal Futura 800's.

Not much similar, though, to my 1947 Royal QDL or my 1957 Royal QDL.

The FP feels like the Futura 800 on steroids.  I am a fan of the Futuras I I think this FP will be a good one for my use.

I will report back more after it gets "the works" and will post up some after-photos, as well.

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23-6-2022 12:18:46  #5

Re: Royal FPE Came Today...

After a few hours on my work bench in the driveway & open garage (it was a nice day) "To-Do" List is all sorted out.  Still have to work on the touch-up paint mixing.

Slow carriage return lever was solved with only degreasing and some synthetic oil drops applied.  Spring tension was fine.

I did increase the main-spring tension even after the flush and clean.  It took 1 full turn of the worm-gear to get the tension to my liking.

It was so handy to easily remove the platen to clean under it and recondition the feed rollers down  under the platen.

Machine weighs 29.4 lbs.

Glad I added his one.  I will do a photo of this machine next to my grey Futura 800 later in the day.

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23-6-2022 12:45:14  #6

Re: Royal FPE Came Today...

Side-by-side with my 1959 Royal Futura 800.

Back panel of the 1960 Royal FP polished up really well and will not need any touch-up paint.  I used Flitz metal & plastic polish followed by some carnauba car-wax.

I did add a bit of new blue paint on the back of the Royal FP for its "Royal" recessed emblem.

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23-6-2022 15:44:26  #7

Re: Royal FPE Came Today...

What a beauty! Congrats!


23-6-2022 19:53:47  #8

Re: Royal FPE Came Today...

Nice! Good idea on adding the blue on the back. 



24-6-2022 06:54:09  #9

Re: Royal FPE Came Today...


Coincidentally, Testors (enamel paints for hobbies) has a color called "Royal Blue". 

My all-steel road bike made in Italy (which I still ride) and which I purchased in 1996 is the same color.  They called it "Gios Blue"

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24-6-2022 15:41:11  #10

Re: Royal FPE Came Today...

Pete E. wrote:

Coincidentally, Testors (enamel paints for hobbies) has a color called "Royal Blue". 

Perfect! Of course. That makes it an imperative. 

It also seems like a missed opportunity on the part of Royal. Was the Model P the only Royal available in Royal Blue?

Great looking bike!


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