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25-6-2022 07:30:18  #1

Royal FP - Basket Lock Question...

On my Royal FP, should the basket/segment lock from moving down until you begin to press down the shift-key ?

On my Olympia SG1 and my Facit T2, the basket indeed is locked from moving down until the shift key is slightly pressed.

Even on my Royal Futuras and my Royal QDL's, this is also the case.

If the Royal FP should have this feature, could someone tell me (or show me) where the adjustment point under the machine might be ?


25-6-2022 10:43:34  #2

Re: Royal FP - Basket Lock Question...

Hi Pete

Indeed, yes it should, my 1959 Royal FPE16-6871893 certainly does. I think you'll find that many segment shift typewriters have a shift lock-out system built into them. My guess is to keep the lower case letters properly aligned while typing in lower case so the segment doesn't float down and up when a typist is typing at full speed.

As for how to adjust this, I haven't delved into mine yet so can't tell you. Some of our experienced forum members may be able to provide this information. All the best,


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25-6-2022 11:35:48  #3

Re: Royal FP - Basket Lock Question...

Hi Skye,

Thanks for your inputs.

I noticed that my shift-lock key-top was not rising fully after it was used and releases.  But if I helped hold it up, the segment lock did engage.

I took some denatured alcohol, compressed air, and a drop or two of synthetic oil (Tri-Flow) to all the pivot points of the shift-lock key linkage and that did the trick.  It now rises to its full upper position after it is used and released.

Must have been some old crud which I could not see... but flushed out well.

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25-6-2022 11:38:38  #4

Re: Royal FP - Basket Lock Question...

And if cleaning and oiling did not do the trick, my next step was to replace its small tension spring with a bit stronger one.

I did not see any point of adjustment that could be a new stout spring was the only other option I saw.

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