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31-7-2022 00:05:29  #11

Re: Is it possible to date this font? and what was used to type it?

M. Höhne wrote:

fuss wrote:

Interesting, any idea when this was a "thing" to use those?

I wasn't there but I'm quite sure that text printed on ribbons was common during the 19th century and later. They could be pinned to or tied around a great variety of merchandise and academic inventory. I wouldn't have much hope for dating that mineral with this bit of evidence, unless maybe you want to get into deep forensics and analyze the fabric and ink chemically and microscopically. especially since the label could have been added at any time after the unearthing of the mineral. This is sounding like an X-Y problem; is there no other information surrounding this sample? What is the significance of knowing the date of it?

I have no other info on it, I acquired from someone who claimed to have bought it at an estate sale and they had no other info to offer. Being a collector myself, I am trying to get a rough idea on how old the collection is that it was a part of.


31-7-2022 00:08:37  #12

Re: Is it possible to date this font? and what was used to type it?

Phil_F_NM wrote:

How big is the cotton label?

It is 1-1/2 cm by 3/4 cm.

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