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04-8-2022 03:33:17  #1

Adler Tippa 70s Loose Carriage

Hello everybody. 
Having one Adler Tippa from the 70s which is a segment shift type.

As I start typing or press spacebar (with the carriage starting at the extreme right), the carriage moves from extreme right to the middle and stops there. Then, if I give the carriage a light jiggle, i am able to move the carriage further to the left as I type or spacebar. With this light jiggle, felt the carriage overcame something that was binding. 

Able to move about a quarter distance more then it stops again. This time, I need to move the carriage a little more drastic. And here is where I realised what might be the problem - loose carriage. 

I am able to move (tilt back to be precise) the carriage, as if it is a carriage-shift machine, so it is very loose.

With the carriage release pressed, the carriage can move smoothly but I can feel slight bump in at least two points while travelling on the rail. But when I intentionally tilt/ shift/move the carriage more, the carriage will get stuck.

Don't think anything is wrong with escapement as I am able to move it normally (well only halfway) and backspace normally. All the rail and track seems to be straight too.

Is there anyway to tighten the carriage? Never seen such a loose carriage before. Also been thinking if I should remove the carriage from the track below to inspect? Not sure if it will help and probably beyond me but appreciate any advice or some ideas here to start looking ..

Cheers and thank you!


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