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22-9-2022 19:21:21  #1

Some Splashes Of Color...

Adding some color accents to my 1957 Royal QDL.

Green space bar came from a parts machine.  And the shift key-tops, the same, but got a repaint to match the exact color of the "Royal" badge and the color of the 2 magic-margin key-lever buttons.

Krylon calls this satin-finish spray paint colour "Poppy Red"...but its more orange and less red.

The three (3) original cream/white coloured parts are in a baggie in the machine case a future owner wants to go back to the original look.


23-9-2022 06:13:41  #2

Re: Some Splashes Of Color...

What a clean machine

- Be kind 

23-9-2022 07:36:47  #3

Re: Some Splashes Of Color...

I was so surprised and impressed when I saw the back view.

So many machines have their back-paint all trashed out when set on their backs and drug across some old, dirty workbench.

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