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22-10-2022 10:25:37  #1

Cleaning Keys

Hi guys,

What do you use to clean the grime from the keys.
The tops and the edges.
Dish soap? Rubbing alcohol? Warm water?
Please post your successes.


22-10-2022 10:40:25  #2

Re: Cleaning Keys

Warm water + dish soap or a general purpose household cleaning solution.

After cleaning plastic keys I use a hair dryer + vaseline to bring back the color and gloss.


23-10-2022 08:35:50  #3

Re: Cleaning Keys

For plastic key-tops, I will use Scrubbing-Bubbles initially and followed up with some denatured alcohol if some stubborn staining remains.

If the plastic has "dulled" with age/oxidation...I will use Filtz metal & plastic polish on q-tips and rubbing out with soft cotton rags (small pieces to get in between the side edges.


23-10-2022 17:04:15  #4

Re: Cleaning Keys

I take them all off, stick them in a bowl of warm, soapy water, then clean them each with a toothbrush. After that, I'll Flitz them and pop them back on the machine top to bottom.
Phil Forrest


20-11-2022 01:51:10  #5

Re: Cleaning Keys

For plastic, dawn dish soap and some scrubbing.  For glass, steel wool on the rings, and a super gentle polishing compound on the glass.

Typewriter Service Tech (and avid nerd)

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